I Tried to go Espresso Only.

One experiment I did, or tried to do was to only drink an espresso per day for 30 days. I thought I could cut down on how much coffee I drink and especially just how much time I spend in cafes. My plan was to see if that made me be out there living life more instead, photographing more.

And I failed miserably! Just managed to do a few days. I didn’t spend any less time in cafes and would often buy several espressos. I don’t even like espresso that much, I do prefer regular black coffee! So I just realised that why not just get what I want and went back to black coffee. No regrets!

Lookback July 2018

Théâtre Chochotte Part 2: Honey and the White Mess

Walking into the small room no idea what to expect,
you told me to get close as you started to open my pants.
We were naked and we sat down, too far away.

Honey, you told me your pussy tastes like honey,
rarely have I wanted to taste so intensely.
But there was a price I couldn’t afford.

Your eyes went to my hard cock with curiosity,
I felt like I could cum in that instant.
To savour it, I slowed down as much as possible.

As I heard how wet you were becoming, 
you also remarked how I was the same for you.
Both wet and dripping, wanting what couldn’t be.

My efforts to prolong started to fail,
looking at you play with your sweet pussy.
All I could really do, was a massive mess.


Théâtre Chochotte Part 1: The Hard Walk Home

In my lap you were naked and grinding,
your ass moving and pressing.
I grew harder and harder.

With only thin suitpants between us,
you had to know how precisely you pleased me.
Your ass stroking my hard cock.

Your tits were just a breath away,
moving in a sensual way as you arched your back.
You started touching your pussy.

As you were pretending to cum,
I was just a few touches from actually cumming.
The song ended and you stand up smiling at me.

At midnight and closing hours,
I'm hoping to finish with a private dance.
You walk away with another man and I walk home, hard.

Lookback June 2018

Lookback May 2018

Love & Sex Part 3: What About the Future?

With what I think about love it might surprise some of you that there is a part of me that wants nothing more than to get married and start a family. I might have an old-fashioned and delusional romantic notion of what life is “supposed” to be, even if I know better. I really envisioned my life like that, that I would meet someone, we fall madly in love, choose and decide to spend life together, get a house near nature and have kids. Looking back at what I really waited for, pined for, what I firmly believed in, that I just had to meet the right one and the rest would follow naturally.

Wow just wow. I was never in a position to attract anyone to such life with me, and even if I did, I’m not sure that is what I really actually wanted. Probably just what I thought love was supposed to be, and maybe it wasn’t the kind of love that I really wanted or needed.

It has been a very rough ride to get to know oneself and unlearn and relearn everything, even basic stuff like that. I am in a much more healthy place now where I can envision having relationships but with the life I’ve chosen for myself and the future building for myself I have accepted some things just isn’t in the cards for me. My life is and will always be way too messy and I’m not sure I want to subject someone to it but if someone insists on being in my life then I would gladly share this journey with someone.

However about family and children, I still do really want to have children but it’s a strange combination of my intellectual side and my biological side. Biological side is simple, it comes from my lust wanting to impregnate all the pretty girls that I see daily. Intellectually it is based on the knowledge that I am the last one in our branch of the family tree that is humanity and if I don’t have children it ends with me. All those ancestors before me, meeting up and fucking since the dawn of mankind, always making the next generation when so many never get to pass on their genes. It’s hard knowing you can’t have children because of how your life is but at the same time your instincts are screaming.

So only time will tell what the future holds but at least I feel I will be ok which ever shape it takes.