Théâtre Chochotte Part 2: Honey and the White Mess

Walking into the small room no idea what to expect,
you told me to get close as you started to open my pants.
We were naked and we sat down, too far away.

Honey, you told me your pussy tastes like honey,
rarely have I wanted to taste so intensely.
But there was a price I couldn’t afford.

Your eyes went to my hard cock with curiosity,
I felt like I could cum in that instant.
To savour it, I slowed down as much as possible.

As I heard how wet you were becoming, 
you also remarked how I was the same for you.
Both wet and dripping, wanting what couldn’t be.

My efforts to prolong started to fail,
looking at you play with your sweet pussy.
All I could really do, was a massive mess.


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